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Speedcamera SMS is a new service that gives you the ability to find out where the day's speedcameras will be, simply by sending an sms from your mobile phone.

The service is currently available in Perth, Western Australia. Because the information will not fit into one sms, the locations have been broken up into three areas... north, south and central.

All a motorist has to do is send a text message (sms) to the number 1889922 with the word "speedcamera" followed by the location they would like, and they receive an sms reply with the day's speedcamera locations.

It can be done from a prepaid or a billed mobile phone.

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Step 1

Choose the area you would like today's camera locations for:
-perth north
-perth south
-perth central

Step 2

SMS the word speedcamera and the area you want to 1889922
speedcamera perth north
speedcamera perth south
speedcamera perth central

Step 3

You will receive a reply with the information you have requested.
Each request will cost only 55 cents inc GST.

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